Exceed Housing Association Limited – Rebuilding Lives

Enhancing well being and independence

Exceed believes by helping to create a supportive environment, gives vulnerable people the opportunity to rebuild their lives, results in enhancing their well being and increasing their independence.
Exceed also believes the inequalities in society means vulnerable people may not always receive the support and assistance they need to live a healthy lifestyle. However providing a safe and secure environment can empower the vulnerable to become strong, resilient and confident.

Therefore, the aim of Exceed is:

  • To provide high quality accommodation for vulnerable people.
  • To vastly improve the live chances of vulnerable people struggling with bad housing or homelessness.
  • To pioneer services that prevents homelessness and offer advice and support, available every day, to ensure those who need our help can get when they need it and is fit for purpose.
  • To ensure our staff and volunteers have the tools they need to deliver the advice and support to transform the lives of the people we serve.

We are committed to staff development to ensure that our employees are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to offer the best standards of service and are motivated primarily by their professional relationships with customers and their passion to serve vulnerable people.